Planetary Science News, 2015

Slides from the presentation held on 08/22/2015:

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Low Light Photography, in chapters

Same course as last year, slightly updated and split into six parts to make reading easier:

Part 1: Introduction:!/view.aspx?cid=41BEDAFA0CE1821C&resid=41BEDAFA0CE1821C%214573&app=PowerPoint

Part 2: Mastering the Exposure:!/view.aspx?cid=41BEDAFA0CE1821C&resid=41BEDAFA0CE1821C%214574&app=PowerPoint

Part 3: Scary F-number:!/view.aspx?cid=41BEDAFA0CE1821C&resid=41BEDAFA0CE1821C!4575&app=PowerPoint

Part 4: The Battle of Sensitivity:!/view.aspx?cid=41BEDAFA0CE1821C&resid=41BEDAFA0CE1821C%214578&app=PowerPoint

Part 5: Miscellaneous:!/view.aspx?cid=41BEDAFA0CE1821C&resid=41BEDAFA0CE1821C%214576&app=PowerPoint

Part 6: Backuppendix:!/view.aspx?cid=41BEDAFA0CE1821C&resid=41BEDAFA0CE1821C%214577&app=PowerPoint

Low Light Photography

As an ex-physicist who has done a few hundred thousand photos (often in very poor light), I do have my own perspective on low light photography. This set of slides summarizes it:

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Are We Alone In The Universe?

On Halloween Wednesday 10/31/2012, I held a presentation in the Transcendental Talks group covering the topics of extraterrestial intelligence search. This is a very broad area, spanning from biology to history to cosmology. There was quite a lot of useful discussion. The resulting slidesow is presented here:


Slides download direct link: