50 years of space flight, continued

This is the closing set of presentations given on the parties dedicated to 50 years of manned spaceflight. I’m sharing them here for those who did not make it to the events.

1. Why getting to orbit is so difficult, why this problem is more fundumental than most think (even across our Universe), and a highly speculative presentation on possible ways out of that problem. Requires some understanding of physics.

(For best experience, click the “View full-size presentation” in the lower right corner)

If objects embedding does not work, use this link: http://cid-41bedafa0ce1821c.office.live.com/view.aspx/SpaceAge/TheCivilizationOfSpring.1.05.pptx

If skydrive does not work, or your would like a copy of the presentation, use this: http://tung-sten.no-ip.com/Texts/Popsci/SpaceAge/TheCivilizationOfSpring.1.05.pptx

2. Alternative history: a very short presentation on some prominent directions of space exploration that vanished for various reasons.

Link: http://cid-41bedafa0ce1821c.office.live.com/view.aspx/SpaceAge/ThingsWhichDidNotHappen.1.0.pptx

Download link: http://tung-sten.no-ip.com/Texts/Popsci/SpaceAge/ThingsWhichDidNotHappen.1.0.pptx


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